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Name:Charlene Roberta McGee
Birthdate:Dec 4
Physical Description: She's pale-skinned, tans easily.The blonde hair she had as a child has darkened to a brownish-red, slighty wavy and hangs past her shoulders. Her eyes are still big and blue and she's kept herself in shape. She's five foot nine inches tall, thin and a little on the muscular side. On the back of her left arm is a six inch long scar, complete with stitch marks along the sides. If asked, she'll tell a very vague story of how she got it before changing the subject.

[character name]:Charlie McGee
[series]: Firestarter
[player eljay]:[info]

[messenger]: AIM/runsfromtheshop
[4th walling?]: Talk to me first, please?

IC Contact!

Place of Residence in Poly: Building 12 Apartment 229 with Gabriel (SPN) with her animals Hypnos (cat), Petrichor (cat), Phantom (Domesticated White Fox) and sometimes Sonic the Hedgehog.

Verse Listings:

This is stuff that takes place outside of Poly. It's not relevant to Poly at all.

Big Brother;

The Shop has been disbanded. They fuck up consistently enough that they were finally shut down and while Charlie has her life back, it's not what it seems. SHIELD has taken an interest in the girl and now have her in one of the safe-houses. Whether this is for her safety or the safety of others, this isn't clear. What is obvious is that Charlie is once again in the care of something government run and she dislikes it.

Other Services:

  • AIM
    runsfrom[no spam]theshop
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